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SIB Bank Singapore, is a full-service commercial bank that caters to the retail and commercial needs of individuals, small and medium sized companies, and major corporations. SIB Bank Singapore has a robust branch network comprising of 106 locations with its headquarters in the central business district of Singapore.

The Bank offers a full suite of banking products and services that include business banking, personal banking, treasury services, and commercial lending. SIB Bank Singapore operates wholly owned subsidiaries.

In spite of its challenges, SIB Bank Singapore has many strengths that include, a low-cost, well-established, and secure deposit base, a mature and loyal corporate customer base, and a reputation for being transparent. As an established financial institution with new leadership, the Bank is changing and focussing on service delivery. Whilst the long-term goal of the bank is to regain the well acclaimed tagline, “big, strong, and reliable”, the immediate and short-term focus is on reliability; which is defined as: Leveraging the rich heritage of the past into the future by modernising our brand and platform, Ensuring that products, systems, service, people, processes, and financial reporting are reliable.

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